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Broomball Sizing

Shoes-Outdoor soles are good for indoor and outdoor use. If you are going to have one pair of shoes, buy outdoor soles.  They will work under any condition.  With indoor soles outside, the snow sticks to the bottom and the fingers on the bottom of the shoes do not get traction on the ice.  This is why the outdoor soles have cups on the bottom, so that the snow drops out.  If you are playing in an outdoor tourney with no snow, wear indoor soles.   If it snows at all, you may want to switch to outdoor soles.  If you want more information on shoes, check out the story on our Blog.

Men's sizing is usually right with the tennis shoe size.  If you are a half size, you should order ½ size bigger shoe.  You can always add an insole to take up room in the shoes. 

Women's sizing is one size smaller than your shoe size.  If you are an 8 women's shoe you should be a 7 broomball shoe.  Sometimes you can fit into a shoe that is two sizes smaller than your shoe size.  If you are unsure, go with one size smaller and experiment with insoles to take up any extra room in the shoe.  

BroomsThe standard 46" broomball broom works for 90% of the players.   Some defensemen prefer longer sticks for poke checking the ball.   You may want to shorten your broom if you are 5’ or shorter.  If you want more information on brooms, check out our Blog story on brooms
Shin GuardsYou will ideally want the largest shin guard possible.  Here is a good guide.  If you are over 6' tall, then you would be an XL. If you are 5'8”-6' you are Large.  If you are 5'3” - 5'8" you are medium and any shorter you are a small.  This includes the shin knee combos. If you are 6'2" or bigger, the separate shin and knees are the best option.  If the combo is too small, the knee pad will continually pull off of your knee.  

GlovesGo with your men's glove size.  If you are unsure, go with the larger size.   Usually men are large and extra large and women are medium.  

Elbow PadsI would go with the same size of men's tee shirt that you normally wear.  If you wear a men's XL, then a XL elbow will fit.  You will need to take into account how big your beach muscles are, or are not.  The volleyball style is truly one size fits all.

Helmets – All of the helmets are adjustable.  We usually recommend large for men and medium for women and teenage kids.  Check out the sizing guides under the helmet product descriptions.

Jerseys Go with one size bigger than your shirt size.  If you are a goalie you may want to go with two sizes bigger.

Pants6'2" or taller would be XL or L if large is the biggest size.  5'9" - 6'1” would be a large.  5'3'' - 5'9'' would be a medium.  Any smaller would be a small or an adapted medium.  If you are on the edge of these heights, you may have to adjust the length of the pants.   The waist sizes also get bigger with each size, so if you are a larger waist, buy them big and get the sewing machine out.

Other - Email us for help.  If you do end up with the wrong size, you can return them for the correct size.  Just ship them back to with a note in the box and we will ship the correct size back immediately.  If you are in a hurry to receive the product, reorder the correct size and ship the incorrect size back to  us with a note and we will credit your account.  You have 30 days to return unused products.   No returns on brooms or balls.