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Gym Broomball™ Instructions - As Seen On Nickelodeon

Broomball is an international sport played in over 17 countries. It is similar to ice hockey except players wear special shoes that allow them to run on ice, and instead of a hockey stick, players use a modified rubber broom to hit a 6" round ball into a 10'x8' goal. The sport originated in Canada and has become very popular in the U.S. as well (particularly in Minnesota).

Gym Broomball™ is an exciting new game from STX that was featured on Nickelodeon's Games and Sports for Kids TV show. The rules are similar to Broomball, but instead of playing on an ice rink, Gym Broomball™ is played on the gym floor. The brooms are normally shorter than the standard 46" broom. We recommend a 35" broom. We recommend a handstitched broomball (soccer ball style). You will also need floor hockey goals regulation hockey size or smaller. We recommend using hockey certified helmets and masks, mouthguards, shin guards, elbow pads, and protective gloves.

Under the rules for Gym Broomball™, there are no goalies. Teams consist of up to ten players on a side. However, no more than five offensive players are allowed on the offensive side of the midcourt line at a time. Similarly, no more than five defensive players are allowed on the defensive side of the midcourt line at a time. The offensive players pass the ball back and forth and attempt to put the ball into the opponent's goal. There must be two passes completed by the offense before their team can shoot on goal. The ball may not be advanced by kicking. Only wrist shots are permitted. Slap shots are not allowed. If the broom goes above the player's waist either before or after the shot, play is stopped and the other team is given possession. Other penalties which result in a change of possession are assessed for stick or body checking and high sticking. Players may use their hands to knock down a ball that is above their waist, but they cannot advance the ball using their hands.

Gym Broomball™ is to be played by children in the 3rd grade and higher. We recommend setting up some cones on the gym floor and starting the children off with some simple stick handling drills. After they have mastered stick handling, they can work on simple passing drills and wrist shots. The children will have a lot of fun. The emphasis is on teaching basic broomball skills in a non-competitive atmosphere.

D-Gel introduced a new GYM broom  in 2018.  It has a non-marring white head.