lock plus allows a customer to create a wishlist.  You can create it and share it with a friend that is interested in buying you a gift or a team could share their wishlists with the person that is going to place the team order.

Here are the steps:

1.  Login or set up an account.  Go to MY ACCOUNT by clicking account on the top right

2.  Click on Wishlists

3.  Click on New Wishlist

wishlist.jpg  4.  Create a Wishlist Name and select to share Wishlist.  


5. Add to your Wishlist on any product page.  Click add to Wishlist and pick which Wishlist to add to.  



6. Go back to your ACCOUNT in the top right corner.  Go to My Account and Wishlists.  Click to share your Wishlist and copy the URL and email or text it to the person making the purchase. 

The people you share your Wishlist with cannot add to your Wishlist, but if one person is going to place a group order, players can share their Wishlist with the person placing the order and they can create a group/team order.  

After your order is placed, we will discount the order to group/team pricing and resend you the adjusted invoice.  We will also try to reduce shipping costs by combining products into smaller boxes.  

Call, text or email me anytime if you have questions.  218.393.1837 |