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Broomball.com appreciates your business.  It is our goal to offer the largest selection and the most competitive prices.  Broomball.com will beat any retail US online price on in stock items that we sell on Broomball.com.  Place your order on Broomball.com and enter the URL of the lower priced item in the instructions/comment box at checkout.  Broomball.com will beat the price by $1 before your order is processed and send you a revised receipt.  Requests for price matching must be made at the time an order is placed and must be for the identical product.  If you have any questions about price matching, please call, text or email us.  218.393.1837 | sales@broomball.com

Beware of items that you do not see available on Broomball.com.  There are online retailers selling balls, shoes and brooms that are 3-8 years old at a considerable mark up.  These products are petroleum products that dry up over time and may not hold up under normal use.  Broomball.com manages their inventory to offer you the latest and greatest offerings.  If an item does not sell, it does not make our lineup.  We want you to play with the best and to be happy with the quality of the products that we sell.