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Carolina Broomball!

Carolina Broomball!

Carolina Broomball is an incredible story. The Charlotte League has been around for over 20 years. The league peaked in the 90' with 12 teams and 3 divisions. They played for years in the Eastland mall. The league died in 2003 and was resurrected by Mondo Normile in 2003.

Better known as broomball Mondo. Mondo is one of the biggest broomball promoters in the world today. The new league was started as a co-ed league with 27 players in 2003. It has now grown to 6 co-ed teams with 75 players in the league today. They play at he Extreme Ice Center which is a fabulous facility in Indian Trail, NC. Check out their website. Broomball is prominently promoted on their home page.

I work with people like Mondo all over the country to promote the game of broomball. It takes passionate people to promote the game. Word of mouth is the best advertising for the game. The leagues that are flourishing are keeping it fun and inviting new people all of the time. You will see in the broomball section of the Extreme Ice Centers broomball area that they offer open broomball. This is a great way to introduce the game to new people. Broomball is a very easy game to market. It is different and fun and the media loves doing stories on the game. Paste the link below to see a video on Charlotte broomball.

Thanks Mondo for all you do to promote the game.